Elana Churchill

Tech writer, RoboHelp expert, document designer - 15+ years experience

Murfreesboro, TN 37129


MEDHOST Inc., employee review

Elana joined the team in June of 2011 and hit the ground running. She ramped up extremely quickly and took ownership of her projects immediately. As noted, Elana not only developed and wrote more than 50% of the nursing documentation, but also developed tools to help us track and manage the project and ensure quality.

Elana is extremely productive and manages to meet her project deadlines while also helping out with other documentation needs for the Education team and others. Her technical skills are outstanding and she's very willing to help others and contribute ideas. She is a star performer.

iolo technologies, employee review

Ms. Churchill is efficient, experienced and self-managing. The Help system is a significant improvement over the prior Help, with more accurate and complete technical content, a more accessible and user-friendly structure, and a cleaner visual design.

Elana assisted the Development Team with improving text for on-screen instructions, label names, and window messages. This was done via her initiation, and now the Team requests her input from the start. Elana has become a "go-to" person for designing documents and adding a professional look and feel.

System Automation, employee review

Elana is an exceptional writer, reviewer, content organizer, and researcher for information. She excels at all tasks provided to her. For instance, she took an online help system for License 2000 that was poorly organized, had broken mappings, and incorrect information and completely turned it around.

Additionally, Elana is exceptionally organized. She has completely organized the document group's information...The procedures and spreadsheets that she has put in place for License 2000 will be used as the standard for all other products developed.

CACI, Inc., employee review

Her attention to detail is excellent and [she] consistently produces quality work products. It is the norm for Elana to take initiative to learn or to take on additional responsibility. She constantly increases her talents to exceed the technical and professional knowledge required. She provides new and imaginative ways to present briefings and materials. Elana is a team player and she can react to stressful situations in a flexible, cooperative manner.